Q: Candidates are often asked about the potential roles of specific individuals within an organization. Who will be in a particular position? Who will get promoted or transferred? Who will be in your command staff? How are you addressing these types of questions?

A: There is an abundance of talent within the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office; in both the current administrators and in the potential future leaders of the organization. While I appreciate the support I have received, I am both ethically and legally bound not to make any promises in exchange for that support and I have not done so. Florida Statute 104.061(2) makes it a felony for a candidate to promise something in exchange for someone’s vote. I interpret that on a moral level to include not making promises based on political support. In future FAQ posts, I will be addressing my vision for procedural and operational enhancements, but I will not be making personnel decisions with regard to assignment until after the election.   


Q: You have requested that current employees of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, and their spouses, not make financial contributions to your campaign. What led you to this decision?

A: I am motivated and inspired by the members of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.  I care about each one of them deeply. I am appreciative of the continuous offers I receive for support from other employees, but I do ask that they not contribute financially to my campaign.  In much the same way I have chosen not to promise anyone a particular position, I feel an ethical responsibility to ensure there is never the appearance of favoritism, including that which is based on financial support. I would never want an employee of the agency to feel obligated to contribute to a political campaign or to feel there would be any sort of reprisal if they did not.  I hope to relieve anyone of that feeling by simply asking that they refrain from making a donation to my campaign.  The men and women of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office do an outstanding job of serving and protecting this community.  It is my desire to keep their focus on the mission of the agency and not burden them with having to decide whether or not to contribute to a political campaign.


Q: You are holding a campaign kickoff event this Sunday, April 7th from noon to 3pm. What is this event all about and what can those who come expect?

A: Our campaign kickoff event is a way for me to meet with people in the casual setting of a neighborhood BBQ and to personally thank the community for their overwhelming support. Everyone is welcome and there will be plenty of food and fun.  The event is hosted by members of a true legacy family here in our county, Bobby and Lynn Lindsey, on their property at 6585 12th Street (just east of 66th Avenue on 12th Street).  At 1:30pm, I will be delivering a message about my passion for this community and why I am running to be the next Sheriff of Indian River County. There is of course no charge for any part of this event.  If you know me, come by and say hi. If you don’t know me yet, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you, to tell you who I am, what I stand for, and why I want to be your sheriff.  

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